Baron of Crownguard


Level 8 Paladin


A half-human orphan and former street urchin from Dardano, Echinos is now a renowned member of theKnights of the Thorn and the Baron of Crownguard.

Echinos is physically imposing, and his tusks and grey-green skin leave little doubt about his Orcish heritage. Some people underestimate Echinos, thinking him a simple minded brute: but his victories have come from his spiritual strength as much as his physical might.

Echinos is favoured by Sol Helios and has an indomitable faith and a keen sense of justice. Aware of his intellectual shortcomings, Echinos relies on the guidance of his companions: especially his wife Amelia, his close friend Brother Sergio and his trusty steed, Buttercup.

Echinos is determined to do his duty as baron and protect the people of Crownguard to the best of his ability. He hopes he rules justly, and his healing touch has done much to alleviate suffering in his barony.


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