The soul of the Knights


Ferrus is the former Novice Master of the Knights of the Thorn. Ferrus is over 70 but until a year to two ago could still be found in the practice yard teaching swordsmanship to aspiring warriors at dawn each morning. For many Knights he is the soul of the order, a mentor who has helped them to live up to the high ideals set out by the Order.

Eventually Ferrus retired to his manor and Arms Master Brecht, his second in command, took over the role of Novice Master. As tensions between King Landus and Marshall Justinian came to a head, the King dismissed Justinian and promoted Severus in his place. In order to fill the role of Master of Arms he summoned Ferrus out of retirement. It is whispered amongst more mean spirited members of the court that Landus wanted a loyal rather than a capable servant. Certainly Ferrus is hardly a dynamic leader, but his presence provides a certain reassurance to the Knights during these difficult times.



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