Flidara Gracious

The party's oft' misunderstood/mistrusted Tiefling who generally does the right thing the wrong way.


Sorcerer (abyssal) 4, Rogue 3, Arcane Trickster 1
Chaotic Neutral


Born of the union between a minor priest and a succubus, Flidara was given to her father just days after her birth. Her mother, prior to delivering the child, had her dedicated to Kain, the god of murder, who put his mark upon her flesh in the form of a tattoo, which fit in with the other arcane tattoos that adorned the infant’s body. Legend/prophecy has it that the one who bears the Mark of Kain is destined to kill a king.

Growing up in the household of a priest, Flidara learned that doing right was the much-preferred method to make one’s way in the world. Despite her upbringing, she constantly battles with her natural heritage, occasionally succumbing to it.

She joined up with the Knights of the Thorn at age 15, acting as a spell caster and later rogue for a small group of aspirants, primarily so she could eat. Among her first few weeks with the group, she found she had a romantic interest in the party’s leader, a young half-orc paladin named Echinos, though she never acted on it.

During one of their early outings, carrying a letter to the new elven king, the group managed to defend an elven village from an elven raiding party. Amongst the captives was a young elven boy whose brother had been killed and who was set to become the next chieftain of his village and who vowed revenge on Echinos and his followers. Flidara, having the best intentions in mind (namely saving her beloved from a thrashing in his older age, since elves live a really, really long time), swiftly cut out the boy’s eyes and tongue. This didn’t go over very well with the other party members who promptly tied her up, gagged her and set a watch to make sure she didn’t escape. She was also told that she was no longer allowed to be alone with prisoners. Eventually she was released, but watched closely, and would have to stand trial for her “crimes” once the group returned to Syrak.

Later on the same quest, Flidara managed to convince a different group of elves that they should take refuge in Syrak to avoid further slave raids from the elven king’s camp. This turned out to be a very good thing for everyone involved and earned Flidara many friends from among this particular tribe of elves.

Flidara is a bit of a pyromaniac and generally good at causing distractions, such as when she set fire to an island town that was populated with pirates that kept attacking local shipping merchants. The distraction was such that their group was able to get into battle with the pirate leader without all of his men around for the fight. This location later became known as Port Hanan.

Sometime later, she also set fire to the Church of Selene in Pitax, which was a distraction for most people in the town, though really she’d just done it for fun. On one occasion she also doused a number of undead with fine dwarven brandy before setting them alight, which she found quite amusing as well as extremely helpful, though Hanan would later mention it rather derisively because dwarven brandy of that vintage was very rare and unavailable when he wanted it.

Flidara is perhaps single-handedly responsible for peace between the Church of Sol Helios and Crown of Syrak, since she was the one to arrest the high priest, Antoninus, on charges of sedition when everyone else was either afraid or unsure of what to do. Of course, this led to the high priest’s exile through a portal and into an unknown land, but the issues were no longer a burden to the king. Because of her loyalty to the Crown, King Landus presented her with a title and an extremely large parcel of land in The Narlmarches on which to develop a city. He made her subject to his new Baron, Lord Echinos.

Also in her repertoire of wholesome fun can be included her fondness of poisons. On a couple of occasions she has made good use of them, causing wizards to fall asleep and thereby ending spell-casting sessions, weakening opponents so others could beat them to death, etc.

Her most recent exploit with a deadly liquid was giving it to a couple of minotaurs and four humans who’d come into the realm of Syrak to start a war but had ended up surrendering and becoming captives once they’d gotten their tails kicked by Echinos & co. The half-orc paladin had promised these captives their freedom, though before he could take them to the border he felt he needed to explain to a farmer and his wife why their son of 16 had become a pile of goo due to a green dragon’s breath weapon. While Echinos was away, Flidara, knowing that their freedom would mean certain war between Pitax and Syrak (and quite possibly mass suffering for the inhabitants of the latter), poisoned the captives who all promptly died. This didn’t go over well with the rest of the party who tried to arrest her, but she was able to escape and make her way to the city of Syrak to explain to the king first-hand what she’d done and why. Ultimately, she was returned under guard to Crownguard, stripped of her possessions and exiled until she completed a geas to “turn an enemy into a friend through acts of kindness.”

Having completed her quest, Flidara is looking forward to rejoining her friends in Crownguard. She’s still not entirely sure why they got so bent out of shape when she killed their enemies (especially since, as she’s to find out, they invaded the lands to Pitax anyway to overthrow the evil king that rules that country), but she’s made a new friend who is formerly of the Obsidian Order, a group of knights bent on the destruction of the Knights of the Thorn.

Flidara Gracious

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