Deceased Marshall of the Knights


Justinian was a fine warrior who gained his surname from his partnership with the gold dragon Aristos during the war against the Witch King. Together the two swung numerous battles in favour of the allies, routing enemy formations and engaging enemy dragons and monsters.

Justinian was a devout follower of Sol Helios and a close friend of Antoninus. This eventually led him into conflict with the King over the so-called “Founding Heresy” and disagreements over whether non humans should be permitted to join the Knights of the Thorn. Landus finally gave Justinian ‘permission to attend to his estates’, and dismissed him from his post as Marshall.

Justinian was by all accounts furious but could do nothing except obey. He retired to his castle near Syrak and was visited regularly by sympathisers from the order, in particular Sir Falco a promising young knight. At midwinter, however, disaster struck and Justinian and his entire family and depandants were found murdered. The final death toll including servants, guards and villagers was over three hundred; worse still many were raised as undead. Thanks to the efforts of Sirs Echinos, Arioch, Brother Sergio and Mistress Flidara the undead were destroyed and laid to rest. The matter of how it happened has not yet been resolved and there are those who feel that the King has not pursued the matter actively enough. A few malcontents even whisper that he was not sorry to see Justinian perish, although few give credence to such slanderous rumours.


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